Worse than dying

Some time ago, I was very sick. But that was no ordinary sickness, it was PANS. And we can say that it broke me and my brain. I couldn’t eat, sleep or do anything. Because I was so afraid of everything that could make me sick or kill me. I was in our house all the time for two years. It felt like I had no freedom. My mom was the first one, who saw that something was wrong with me, and the only person, who I could trust to help me when I was sick. But all that changed one day, when I got another IVIG. A medicine which the doctors pumped into my body and that lead to big changes for me. Sure, my head was very painful after that, but it was worth it. I could eat and sleep better, and it was so good, that I could go to school again. But it doesn’t mean that I’m free from PANS yet, there’s some tiny things left, but that’s not so dangerous. Actually, I’m not the only who has this sickness, there’s many more like me who have PANS. And the information about how I could get so well, can help many others with PANS. I think it’s important that everyone knows about PANS, it can lead to more research about PANS, and that can lead to better help and medicine for it. One last thing, did you know that I drew a painting, that described my life with PANS? So, doctors over the whole world can see and understand how serious PANS is.


”You might get sick or die or something even worse.”

PANS, worse than dying…


UNDERSTANDING PANS/PANDAS https://www.pandasppn.org/understanding/pans/pandas